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What could be better than getting a tremendous full body workout before work or getting the kids ready for school? Experience the sheer thrill of an interval training workout that is designed for women. THIS CAMP IS FOR EVERY WOMAN - beginners to advanced fitness levels! Muscle tone, fat burn, core development, cardio, plyometrics …it's all covered, and more!

Boot camp is a challenging interval training program. No workout is the same.  We will create a series of exercises and challenges
Benefits of Boot Camp...
  • Melt Fat, Lose 2-5 % Body Fat in One Month!

  • Full Body Tone/Strengthen

  • Decrease Risk of Stroke, Cancer, Heart Disease and Stress

  • Push Yourself While Being Motivated by the Group

  • Lose Inches and Feel/Look Better in your Clothing!

  • Body Fat and Body Mass Index Analysis

  • Nutritional Support

  • Improve your Health and Wellness!

  • Be Accountable to Yourself, Your Trainer and One Another!       

Boot Camp Information / Registration...
  • AM Camp M-W-F 5:30am - 6:30am

  • Join Anytime!

  • Camps Run Evey 4 Weeks - Click HERE for Calendars

  • Call anytime for info 732-841-1769

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Testimonials :

" Pink Ladies is the best thing I ever could have signed up for. I am the furthest thing from a morning person or a work-out person but Mike makes it fun. The hour of camp flies by and I feel great the rest of the day. In just 8 classes I noticed significant changes to my body. I also found myself doing the circuits at camp longer, faster, or better as the camp progressed. It is a great program really and truly geared for every work-out level."


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3,6,12 Month Memberships Now Available, Join a Camp Anytime
that maximize cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Save time and learn how to train the right way.  All fitness levels will be thoroughly challenged.  The entire group will bond and grow together. 

Boot camp is a nurturing and challenging environment where everyone feels safe and excited to improve fitness levels.  Become a Pink Lady today! Experience MORE than a gym membership. 

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AM Camps :

Esposito Park ( Outdoor )

Garden State Tennis Center ( Indoor )
It's been a brilliant indoor season and now the outdoor season is upon us.  Register for outdoor camps today.  Don't delay- camps will sell out each month!
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